Michael Happé

Created in 2011 by Michael Happé, the grandson of one of the legendary Flying Tigers,
GAVOX is a novel Belgian brand of high-performance timepieces
designed and manufactured for professionals.

In 2014, Gavox officially became watchmaker for the 15th Wing
and the 350 Squadron, two Belgian air force squadrons. Now Gavox make watches for 14 Squadrons with over 500 pilots wearing their watch in flight.

GAVOX: easy to pronounce in every language, the novel name Gavox combines the Greek “galaxias” (our universe, the milky way), and the latin “vox” (voice). The mission of Gavox, “voice of our universe”, is to produce timing instruments inspired by explorers who dared to go higher, farther, deeper.

As an engineer and pilot, the founder wanted a name that reflected his

passion for technology, astronomy and space exploration and quality timepieces that could be used by professionals on the field.


The GAVOX collections take cues from instruments of exploration and offer various functions such as: chronograph, 24 hour time, mission timer, multiple time zone and perpetual calendar.

What do fighter squadrons in Belgium, Romania and a certain member of a certain European royal family have in common? They wear Gavox watches! Gavox is a young and growing watch brand based in Brussels, Belgium.  Founded by Michael Happe 2011, Gavox has quickly become a darling of watch fans who are looking for something different.

The first Gavox was the Curtiss wasas launched one year later in 2012.  It has been followed by a steady succession of offerings both quartz and mechanical.  With both dress watches and military and aviation inspired timekeepers, Gavox does not make for everyone, Gavox makes watches for those looking for something a little bit different. Gavox offers affordable quartz and mechanical watches that while accessible, are anything but common.  Each Gavox watch possesses something special, something unique and unexpected.   A chronograph with an alarm,  a pilot’s watch that can double as a dive watch, and perhaps the most ambitious watch ever attempted by a small-scale, micro brand – the Aurora.  A pilot’s watch that contains a chronograph, moon phase, day/date, and second time zone.  But not just any second time zone, the Aurora is adjustable by 15 minute increments to accommodate the 20% of the world’s population that does not live in a standard time zone!   We encourage you to visit us online and learn more about us!