This is a collection of 50 certified watches that were flown in the cockpit of a Fighting Falcon F16A from the Belgian airforce. The Pilot who flew the aircraft is our Belgian Demo Pilot “Vador” (2018-2021).

Gavox will give 10% of the sales of these watches to some charity organization

Every single watch will be accompanied by a Certificate signed by both the Pilot and Michael Happé (gavox owner and creator )

  • 2 aurora GA-AUR-446.0
  • 3 avidiver GA-AVI-111.1
  • 5 Squadron Steel GA-SQN-350.0
  • 5 Squadron Black GA-SQN-350.1
  • 10 Squadron Belgium Airforce GA-SQN-350.0BE
  • 25 Curtiss P-40 Black Date GA-CUR-350.1

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1111km/h Gavox AviDiver (Black PVD)

900,00 TAX Incl

1111 km/h Gavox Squadron (Black PVD)

550,00 TAX Incl

1111 km/h Gavox Squadron (Stainless Steel)

550,00 TAX Incl

1111 km/h Gavox Squadron (Stainless Steel) Belgium Air Force

600,00 TAX Incl

1111km/h Gavox Aurora 446.0 (Steel)

1.800,00 TAX Incl
Bay 22 Nubuck
Black 22 Nubuck Steel
Nato 22 black Steel
Nato 22 Grey
Nato 22 Leather Black
Nato 22 Orange
Palomino 22 nubuck steel

1111km/h Gavox Curtiss P-40 (Black PVD)

300,00320,00 TAX Incl
Canvas Khaki
Leather Black
Leather Cognac
Nato BE
Nato Black
Nato Black and Grey
Nato green
Nato Orange