This is a collection of 50 certified watches that were flown in the cockpit of a Fighting Falcon F16A from the Belgian airforce. The Pilot who flew the aircraft is our Belgian Demo Pilot “Vador” (2018-2021).

Gavox will give 10% of the sales of these watches to some charity organization

Every single watch will be accompanied by a Certificate signed by both the Pilot and Michael Happé (gavox owner and creator )

  • 2 aurora GA-AUR-446.0
  • 3 avidiver GA-AVI-111.1
  • 5 Squadron Steel GA-SQN-350.0
  • 5 Squadron Black GA-SQN-350.1
  • 10 Squadron Belgium Airforce GA-SQN-350.0BE
  • 25 Curtiss P-40 Black Date GA-CUR-350.1

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1111km/h Gavox AviDiver (Black PVD)

$963,91 TAX Incl

1111 km/h Gavox Squadron (Black PVD)

$589,06 TAX Incl

1111 km/h Gavox Squadron (Stainless Steel)

$589,06 TAX Incl

1111 km/h Gavox Squadron (Stainless Steel) Belgium Air Force

$642,61 TAX Incl

1111km/h Gavox Aurora 446.0 (Steel)

$1.927,82 TAX Incl
Bay 22 Nubuck
Black 22 Nubuck Steel
Nato 22 black Steel
Nato 22 Grey
Nato 22 Leather Black
Nato 22 Orange
Palomino 22 nubuck steel

1111km/h Gavox Curtiss P-40 (Black PVD)

$321,30$342,72 TAX Incl
Canvas Khaki
Leather Black
Leather Cognac
Nato BE
Nato Black
Nato Black and Grey
Nato green
Nato Orange