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MiG21 pilots flying with they Gavox

Gavox produced a special order for  a Romanian MiG 21 squadron. The 711 squadron from “Campia turzii Baza” contacted us to make a watch for them.

Kpra ( the pilot who contacted us ) managed to get the pilots engaged and we went for a black PVD Gavox squadron model with a whole new dial design and a fully personal case back with the name of every single pilots on each of they watches.

The watch dial has they MiG 21 lancer drawing at 12  , they emblem at 3 and they moto at 6.

To deliver the 35 watches I was invited to go to the military base and meet with every pilots there at the time.

This was just amazing for a aviation and plane lover like me to be there with all the pilots with my they Gavox in front of 2 nicely placed MiG 21 lancer.

After spending some time with them in they bar they came back with a signed poster off they plane.

Thanks to them all.

Some other shots