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Our Winner shows his contest photo shot for his Wedding with his Gavox Legacy


I received from Matt this great shot of his Gavox Legacy worn at the day of his wedding.

Matt won this watch from a contest some month ago. Contest aws on watch blog held by John Biggs and Patrick Kansa

here’s was Matt Answer :

“Should I have the Legacy, it would feature in a series of photos throughout the most important day of my life. The first, of it sitting proudly on a bench next to a pair of silver cufflinks. The second, of it being placed on my wrist and adjusted just so, with the three men closest to me in my life gathered behind me. The final shot of the set takes place a short while afterwards in a nearby garden in the Australian wine country, on a sunny spring afternoon in October this year. The sunlight glints off the Legacy as my hands gently brush the cheek of my best friend, dressed in a stunning white dress, just seconds after she becomes my wife…”


I wish matt and his wife a wonderful life together