a FARTHER Collection, Made with marine Inspiration

The Gavox Legacy collection takes its hue from our ancestors traditions. The creator of these watches wants to capture the feel of the era of navy and field officer watches of early 19th century. Of Huguenot and naval ancestors, the creator walks down memory lane while using modern techniques .

This model (Ø 41 x 48 x 12.1 mm) constitutes a further refinement of our well-known Legacy line, enriched with an elegant and useful power reserve indicator. It features a custom version of the calibre 9310 from Miyota (Citizen Holdings). It displays the hours, minutes and seconds centrally, the latter on a thin electric blue hand which echoes that of the power reserve indicator located at 1 o’clock. The Breguet-style hands have been kept for the hours and minutes, as well as the Roman numerals. “A small framed window at 7 o’clock shows the date. Compared to the traditional Legacy, the perceived thickness of the case has been slightly reduced thanks to a bespoke domed case-back, which gives the watch a subtly dressier look. The case is water-resistant to depths of 5 bar and uses surgical-grade 316L stainless steel with sapphire crystal and anti-reflection coating for optimal readability.

Legacy Carpe Diem (Ref GA-RES-215.0)

Two variants of this Gavox Legacy power reserve ( Ultima Necat) have been designed with my friend and watch enthusiast Olivier Meyers. Classic and contemporary at the same time, these models are based on the same Miyota movement as above. They feature a classy charcoal or night blue dial, a tailored display of the power reserve indicator and long classic hands for the minutes and hours. In accordance with the usual readability of Gavox watches, these hands are filled with luminescent material, as is also the case for the specific applied markers surrounding the dial. For the charcoal variant, touches of blue have been preserved through the electric blue hand for the power reserve indicator, as well as for the second hand.

Legacy Ultima Necat Grey (Ref GA-RES-216.0)

Legacy Ultima Necat Blue (Ref GA-RES-217.0)


For all models, Gavox personalized the movement by fitting a custom rotor, inspired from antique wisdom, and visible through the caseback of the watch.

On the classical Legacy model, the rotor has been decorated with Epicurus famous quote “Carpe diem”. Even if very well known, this quote is quite often misunderstood as an invitation to unrestricted hedonism. Epicurus message is however more subtle and inspiring. Through these 2 words, Epicurus indeed advises us to carefully select those desires that give sense and meaning to our lives, leaving behind all unnecessary pleasures. This is the recipe to reach a genuine peace of mind, which according to the philosopher is the essence of happiness. In a world where we are permanently solicited or so easily distracted from what really matters, wearing such a philosophical reminder every day on the wrist can only be inspirational in the pursuit of self-fulfillment and wisdom.


The other 2 variants of the model have been decorated with a quote often found on antique sundials, which reads: “Ultima necat”. This is the abridged version of the full “Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat” (litterally: “All hours wound, the last one kills”). This is not only consistent with a power reserve-equipped watch, but also philosophically inspiring: this statement indeed reminds us of human mortality, but it delivers at the same time a compelling invitation to make something valuable of the time offered to us in this life.


We trust that these references to antique wisdom on the rotor of the different Legacy models will speak to the hearts of amateurs of fine arts, philosophy and watchmaking alike.