Gavox Longitude Sapphire

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Experience maritime exploration with Gavox Longitude and its GMT feature.

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Exploring the open seas has long been an adventure that only the bravest dared to take. This was due to the difficulty of accurately determining the ship‘s position. However, over the centuries, technology has been developed to make this task easier. Gavox Longitude pays tribute to the pioneering explorers of the past with its GMT function. In this article, we will delve into the history of these explorers and the development of the GMT function.

Sailing on the open sea was a real adventure; only brave sailors dared to venture away from the coast.

The reason was the impossibility of determining the ship‘s position with respect to two reference axis.

The latitude, the distance from the equator, could be estimated by observing the sun’s height at its highest point.

But at that time, there was no reliable method to estimate the longitude, the distance from a northsouth line passing through the port of departure, for example.

The Dutch navigator Dirk Hartog was one of these explorers. On one of his trips in 1616, he landed on an island that today bears his name. He was one of the very first Europeans to discover Australia. If the name Dirk Hartog doesn‘t mean anything to you, that‘s not the case for Michael Happé, founder of Gavox, since he is a descendant of this explorer!

More than a century later, the development of the first precise marine clock allowed sailors to calculate longitude accurately. And it would take another century and a half for the Greenwich meridian to become the world reference for defining time zones under the name of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The Gavox Longitude and its GMT function are a tribute to these adventurous explorers. If its dial poetically recalls a windy sea, the GMT function offers a relatively rare technical feature. The new Miyota 9075 movement is atrue GMT, with features similar to the Rolex GMT. The GMT Miyota 9075 allows independent adjustment of the hour hand.

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Experience maritime exploration with Gavox Longitude and its GMT feature.

This model (Ø 39 x 47 x 12.8 mm) uses a custom version of the caliber 9075 from Miyota (Citizen Holdings). It displays the 24h, hour, minute and second centrally. The custom painted Date is at 6 O’Clock.  The case is water-resistant to depths of 20 bar and uses highly hardened surgical-grade 316L stainless steel with sapphire crystal and internal anti-reflection coating for optimal readability. Gavox personalized this sturdy Miyota movement by fitting a custom rotor and matching  color date disk.

True GMT Miyota 9075 movement
innovative Integrated watch and bracelet
Water textured dial to speak about its relations to seas
Bidirectional GMT turning bezel
20 ATM water resistance
Free accessories : watch Strap add-on extension 20mm (unique in the world)
Self removal bracelet
Kolsterising case and bracelet 1300 vikers

Color match dials and date windows
Superluminova BGW9


The Gavox Longitude


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Additional information

Dimensions 39 × 20 × 12,8 mm
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