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The Gavox Squadron watches really succeed at achieving the look and the toughness of a military chronograph. The fact they were actually designed for and with the influence of Belgian Air Force personnel, gives them added authenticity, reinforcing the aesthetic. While I think I personally would prefer other complications than an alarm, I appreciate that it’s what was specified. Also, if that is something one wants in their watch, this is probably the nicest option out there.

At $480 and $520  , the price is at the upper limit for a quartz, costing more than Gavox’s own automatics, but the feel of the watch speaks to the price tag.

“Gavox Note : ! Price listed in the review are with the european 21% VAT included”

“for US and out of Europe price are : $396  for the Squadron All Steel and $430 for the Squadron All Black “

” Try your price on  and put your shipping address and it will addapt the prices”

They are sturdy, strong and clearly built to last. On top of that, they really are quite cool looking, with a sleek, sporty presence. So, if you’re looking for a pilot chronograph that doesn’t break the bank and has a real military backstory, the Gavox Squadron is worth considering.