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“Worn And Wound” Review of the GAVOX AURORA

Here’s the Conclusion (Full Review)

The Gavox Aurora is a crazy watch that is hard not to be impressed with. It’s attractive, well made and incredibly feature packed. Having all of those different modes baked into one watch that has a relatively normal design is very appealing. It’s an alternative to getting a digital watch or, god-forbid, a smart watch of some kind. And it’s really exciting that it came from a micro brand. This was no small project for Gavox. It didn’t happen over night, or even over a year. It took years of development and testing, and in the end a small Belgian brand was able to make a watch that is more impressive than what many “big” brands are producing. It’s this kind of innovation and risk taking that makes micro brands so much more interesting than their larger, older counterparts.


The price tag of $838 is going to be challenging for many as it is a quartz, but it’s hard to compare this watch to anything. First off, it is Swiss-made with a Swiss-made movement, which is always going to increase the cost. As noted in regards to the hands, this watch took specialization that required better than average tolerances. But, it’s really about this movement. It might not be mechanical, but it’s complex and I don’t think should be compared with your typical quartz movement. It’s its own thing, its own category, and considering everything it does, while also being energy efficient (a detail I really love) it seems worth a premium. So, if you’re in the market for a multi-tool of a watch that maintains a classic analogue appearance (well, you might not have known that’s what you wanted until now) but does a lot of awesome stuff, look no further.

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