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The Gavox Aurora in Father Christmas Land: Lapland

The Gavox Aurora went to meet the Aurora Borealis this winter.  I Created this watch to be a one of a kind Wristwatch with a few innovations of my own. Due to the research i put in this watch and of the fact that it is a watch made for pilots and astronauts, I named this watch Aurora. Also the Luminescent Dial and Hands remind the colors that can be created by these lights. ( An aurora, sometimes referred to as a polar light,)

When my good friend, Stephan from decided to go to lapland with his son end of December 2015, I knew he would have the possibility to encounter Northern Light (Aurora Borealis).

I challenged Stephan to take a picture of his Gavox Aurora showing both the watch and the Sky with a Aurora. You need to know that on that day the sky was cloudless, the temperature was freezing -14°F (-26°C ).  Due to this cold, his Iphone and the Autofocus of his SLR camera Stopped working. The picture above needed a lot of trial and error to make sure the focus was right and this is very dim light.  This shot needed a pause of 8 Second to get enough light.

Stephan told me that the cold was so intense that while making sure the shot was right, his finger appeared to be “Frozen”,  “I can’t move my finger anymore”. After some time under fresh water the feeling came back.

Merry Christmas 2015 to all of you from the country of Father Christmas.

Here Stephane’s Son is taking care of his sledge Half Wolf  – Half Husky dog. You need to know that these half breed dogs makes them tough for the weather condition and also easier to train.

Many Thanks to Stephane and Remi for the fantastic pictures

Check out the Work Stephane does, it is simply magical and immersive.

Mynoise and Gavox Nothern Light Sounds

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